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Hayden Christensen Turns 28, Finds First Gray Hair

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(HAYDEN-CHRISTENSEN.COM) - In dramatic fashion, Hayden turned 28 in the last remaining days for qualification of the astological sign, Aries.  Characteristics of Aries include self confidence, ambition, assertiveness, spontaneity, spirited, adventurous, daring and charm.  Paparazzi sources report that they've detected the growth of gray hair in Christensen's photographs as he was spotted near the adult diaper section at Costco.  

Just some stats about Hayden Christensen's birthday:

Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sign: Aries (March 21 to April 20)
Symbol: The Ram
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Lucky Color: Red
Lucky Stone: Diamond, Ruby
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky Number: 9
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster 
Send Hayden your birthday wishes in the comments section below!  

US Recession Strikes Hayden Christensen, Porsche Sold

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(HAYDEN-CHRISTENSEN.COM) - Hayden Christensen would love to be positive about the collapsing economy in California, but as an out of work actor without a major movie deal in the last year, he has to be realistic.

Christensen recently had to give up his Porsche Boxer.  

He points to rising gas prices and the growing unemployment rate in California, which hit 8.6 percent in March. Hayden still retains the Mercedes SLK but his other cars may also have to go if the economy worsens.  "I'm just another victim during these tough times.  If the economy worsens, I may have to sell my Mercedes SLK and Audi A4 convertable," states Hayden with a tear in his eye.

Christensen has been spotted attending night classes for bartending at the local DeVry University.

Virgin Territory DVD Releases Aug 26, 2008

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Virgin Territory Hayden Christensen(HAYDEN-CHRISTENSEN.COM) - Give a big thanks to Matt at Total Assault LLC in collaboration with Anchor Bay Entertainment for some exclusive production stills of Virgin Territory.  The Virgin Territory DVD released date is set for Tuesday August 26, 2008.

Virgin Territory is a charming film about handsome Swashbuckler Lorenzo (Hayden Christensen) who can deflower any woman he pleases yet seeks the elusive girl (Misha Barton) who stole a phantom kiss.  Getting between him is a Russian count and a scheming nobleman with an outfit of enforcers.  

See the Virgin Territory production stills in our gallery.

Hayden Copes with Bahama Heat

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Hayden Christensen in Bahamas(HAYDEN-CHRISTENSEN.COM) - Thanks to Mike, we've added a new section called Personal Photos.  Mike's contribution speaks of helping Hayden Christensen with Air Conditioning units for one of his homes in the Bahamas.  Apparently, Hayden Christensen owns real estate in the Bahamas and it was getting too hot so he needed assistance with some air conditioning.

-----Original Message-----
From: mike
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 4:26 PM
Subject: hayden-christensen.com: meet Hayden

i meet Hayden in the bahamas where he owns a house, i have some good pic's, would you like them for your site

-----Original Message-----
From: mike
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 4:52 PM
Subject: Hayden

we helped Hayden, with some a/c units from home depot for his house as he did not have any a/c his bro was there to help and his hat was a gift from his sister he told me, he was very down to earth guy, we hung out with him, didnt talk any movie stuff, just talked like he was one of the boys


Black Blazer Photoshoot

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Hayden Christensen in Black Blazer(HAYDEN-CHRISTENSEN.COM) - Courtesy of autographs, we present some high quality photos of Hayden Christensen.  These photos date back to around October 2006 and probably even earlier.  In this photo shoot, Hayden wears white button down shirt topped off with a black sports blazer.



Hayden Wears Christian Audigier

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hayden christensen christian audigier(hayden-christensen.com) - This email brings the Hayden mailbox down to 245 unread messages.  On Mon June 26, 2006 we received a message from a representative of Christian Audigier (Ed Hardy) in promotion of their new line of clothing. In these photos, Hayden appears to have been caught back stage holding a Golden Popcorn from the MTV Movie Awards along with Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson. 

-----Original Message-----
From: nicole
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 12:30 PM
Subject: About Hayden Christensen

My name is Nicole, a representative from the Christian Audigier line. Christian Audigier is the prominent name behind both Von Dutch, as well as, Ed Hardy and has recently launched his new signature line "Christian Audigier". We are sending you 2 attached photos with Hayden Christensen wearing Christian Audigier requesting you to add a link to our site on your page. As an incentive we will send you some of our new gear (hat/shirt). Thanks so much!



Sweater and Stripes

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Hayden Christensen in Sweater and Stripes(hayden-christensen.com) - Today, we've added a new section to the gallery called Photo Shoots.  Courtesy of our contact who chooses only to be known as autographs, we present some high quality photos of Hayden Christensen.  These photos date back to around October 2006 or earlier.  In this photo shoot, Hayden wears a blue hooded fleece sweater, a stripped blue shirt and jeans, and finally a blue zip jacket. 


Comic-Con International 2008

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Comic-Con 2008(hayden-christensen.com) - Coverage has commenced in San Diego for the largest gathering of multimedia, arts and pop culture with the advent of Comic-Con International 2008.  This 4 day event brings a convergence of the biggest film studios, gaming vendors, anime, and more.  It also brings about the emergence of the socially inferior with huge collections of comic books living in their parent's basements.  The Comic-Con is a big weekend for comic geeks as they descend upon the vibrant and historic Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego - not unlike the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano for mating season.

While Hayden Christensen has attended this event in the past, we're not holding our breath this year.  Rest assured, there should be plenty of related promotions including Star Wars: Clone Wars and perhaps a glimpse at any upcoming projects and costumed fans.  The event officially starts Thu July 24th through Sun July 27th but there is a preview night on Wed July 23rd for those that pre-registered online for 4-day passes.

Busy with Errands

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Hayden Christensen Busy with errands.(hayden-christensen.com) - Courtesy of Just Jared, we have photos of both Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen caught at their Beverly Hills residence on Sunday, July 20, 2008.  They were apparently returning home after doing errands and getting some gas.  Once again, Hayden had his BAPE baseball cap, long sleeve shirt and seer sucker shorts looking a bit scruffy.  Rachel was in her familiar sunglasses and cute jeans and a fitted tee.

Message from AJ Cook

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(hayden-christensen.com) - This wonderful email drops my Hayden Christensen inbox down to 344 unread messages out of 2546 items.  It came in several years before AJ Cook became mainstream for her role in the hit TV show Criminal Minds which premiered on CBS in 2005.  At the time of this email, AJ Cook was playing an abused teenager on the Fox Family show Higher Ground.  Meghan Ory was another character on the show Higher Ground which got cancelled after its first season.  While I know anybody can pretend they're someone else on the Internet, for some reason this seemed kind of genuine.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dancerkid1309
Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2000 9:31 AM
Subject: About Hayden Christensen

Hey thanx for doin this. I am A.J. Cook and I am here with Meghan Ory. I am sure that Hayden would love this website. He is at a rehersal for Star Wars. Cool. Well thankz.

Lov Ya,
A.J. Cook
Meghan Ory


Site Review (2006) Factory Girl

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Factory Girl(hayden-christensen.com) - Factory Girl is a stylish film based on the life of Edie Sedgwick (played by Sienna Miller) - an American heiress and socialite turned model actress.  Edie leads a fast paced lifestyle of drugs and alcohol as the main Factory Girl in Edie Warhol's short films of the 60's. The movie does capture the feel of the fast paced New York lifestyle.  Miller provides an excellent portrayal of Sedgwick - the performance is real, compelling and heartfelt. Sienna Miller's acting was convincing right down from mannerism and voice.

We're led down Sedgwick's fated path to a destructive lifestyle blowing through her trust fund until we're finally presented with a breath of fresh air - The Musician (Hayden Christensen) - nearly halfway through the film.  Hayden's character brings interest to the film among a cast of characters well representative of a sinking ship.  Hayden plays a deep, soulful and intriguing musician.  In this film, Hayden's acting was reminicent of a mix of James Dean and Bob Dylan.  It's no wonder Bob Dylan objected to this depiction and forced the renaming of Hayden's character to Billy Quinn, The Musician.  The director deserves credit for a well formed cast.

The film was riviting and definitely worth recommending.  I give it a **** out of 5 stars.

See the gallery for Factory Girl - Screen Captures.


Site Review (2007) Awake

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awake dvd(hayden-christensen.com) - Awake is a dramatic thriller about a young financial tycoon Clay Beresford (Hayden Christensen) having to deal with still being conscious yet paralyzed while undergoing surgery. While in this condition referred to as "anesthetic awareness," Clay gets insight into his past and those that are most dearest to him.

Well, enough of my makeshift DVD back cover synopsis. The move started out slow but worked well in building a sense of character development and the strong ties among the leading characters. The pace of the movie was well done, and built up suspense as the movie progressed. Notable was the cinematography where the film captured the style and sophistication of Manhattan, New York.

The movie was well cast with a notable performance by Terrance Howard who played the close friend, Dr. Jack Harper. Both Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba (the fiancé) both showed great on screen chemistry. I have to admit, there were parts that did make me chuckle a bit, such as when Clay realizes he should already be under deep sleep which reminded me of the early 90's Fox comedy Herman's Head. Hayden is convincing in the pain he feels physically during the operation and the anguish he goes through while walking throughout his past memories like a ghost. Overall, it was nice to watch a movie where time was invested in the plot, casting, and filming. I would give this film a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

See the Gallery for Awake - Screen Saptures.


Site Review (2008) Jumper

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jumper dvd(hayden-christensen.com) - In previous film and media, I've never seen anything interesting done with the powers of teleporation. I've always been a fan of the Uncanny X-Men, a comic book that preceded the movies, but I can honestly say I've never been a big fan of their character "Nightcrawler" nor his teleporation abilities. In Jumper, David Rice (Hayden Christensen) discovers an ability to teleport after finding himself in an extreme situation. Instead of becoming a crime fighter and using his powers for the greater good of humanity, he exploits his abilities to lead a comfortable life and travel the world with never the intention of hurting any one individual. This is probably a more realistic manner in which this power would be applied (or at least that's how I'd use it) so the premise of this superhero lifestyle was believable.

The movie was definitely entertaining. We explore the origins of a new Jumper and also have a bit of mystery with his family. We're taken to exotic places around the globe. The pace of this movie is fast and rich with visual effects that are believable. The action sequences really kept my interest and glued to my seat. How many times have you seen a car chase with the entire vehicle teleporting? The enemies in the movie were rather tame though. Plus I can hardly buy why they wanted to kill all jumpers. How scary is an electric cattle prod used by the nemesis Roland Cox (Samuel L. Jackson) to chase down Jumpers? I would think a semi automatic would be more effective if they want to terminate all jumpers.

Hayden seemed to portray this role more as a "runner" - one that "jumps" away from trouble rather than using his skills to fight back. Hayden Christensen's acting was done in a sufficient manner. Most other characters were intense such as Samuel L. Jackson and the other Jumper, Griffin (Jamie Bell) but overall I would say the chemistry between Hayden and Rachel came out flat and unconvincing.

Overall, I can say the movie was imaginative and entertaining. It succeeds in putting an innovative spin on teleportation and the basic "super hero" genre for that matter. I would give it a solid 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Also see the gallery for Jumper - Screen Captures.



Insulting a Hundred Nations

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(hayden-christensen.com) - Oops, my bad. This set of email brings the unread Hayden Christensen mail folder down to 362. There's always been an advisory on the contact page that this is simply a fan site pleading for no love mail. Also posted were advisories using the assistance of online translators but unfortunately, written eloquence could never be used to describe the output. The following individuals and more have submitted translations for their respective countries after informing me I've butchered their languages.

-----Original Message-----
From: Arden349
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2001 2:24 PM
Subject: About Hayden Christensen

Jay hey there!

My name is Sandra I'm from Germany and I just stopped by to look around what's going on at your site!

Well, when I checked the contact section I noticed you also have a German translation up that is COMPLETELY WRONG and very embarrassing. The most funny thing is that "fan" is translated into "Ventilator", so chi, you are a ventilator. :0) It also appears in the French and Spanish version.

If you don't mind I send you here a translation that makes sense! ;O):

Site Review (2007) Virgin Territory

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(hayden-christensen.com) - Generally, I find the genre of young sexually deprived adults in the pursuit of sexual arousal rather boring. The scripts are usually horrible and the story is supported by the occasional flash of a female body part to keep you awake. Browsing the description on the rear cover of the DVD, one could figure out why it never made theaters domestically. On top of that, I sat through "The Other Boleyn Girl" (Natalie Portman) the previous week which was one of the worst middle aged movies I've struggled to complete. I was not looking forward to seeing another film based on royalty or the middle ages unless it had Narnia or cute little Hobbits thrown in there somewhere.

The opening scene showed promise with a well versed and comical narrative performed by a supporting character named Tindaro (Craig Parkinson). It's a shame that Parkinson is not even listed on most DVD credits but with the help of Google, we got your back bro. Eventually, Lorenzo de Lamberti (Hayden Christensen) would appear as a whimsical character that thinks fast and runs faster. There were hilarious scenes with witty dialog that had me laughing in my seat.

Hayden Christensen's character was believable and he fit this comedic hunk role like a glove. Count Dzerzhinsky (Tim Roth) was the convincing villain who you'd love to hate even if only for his looks. Misha Barton did a wonderful job and was absolutely lovely in her wardrobes. I've only seen her in (looking around and lowering my tone) the TV show The OC so I didn't know if she had the capability to pull off a leading role. The rest of the cast aside from the priest (Craig Parkinson) were forgettable. This is not the typical movie you see set in this time frame - it had the bad guys in leather jackets with a bit of instrumental and rock and roll mixed together. This film brought me back to my youth watching Zena and Hercules back in the mid 90's yet executed at a higher level with bigger budget, talented actors and eloquent stage sets. Actually, I can see this more like a prequel to the 80's classic "16 Candles" but just a half dozen generations earlier. Staying true to genre, there are the occasional flash of body parts that keeps this movie in the Rated R section.  Without equivocation, I can give this film a solid 4 out of 5 stars as I scratch my head wondering why it never made theaters. Advisory, this film contains nudity and language suitable for a mature audience. If you're old enough to see American Pie, than you're old enough to see this flick.

See the Gallery for Virgin Territory - Screen Captures.

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